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Automated mobile stages for any type of events. The vehicles are convertible trucks, that can be transformed into stages within minutes. The main advantages beside the installation time, are the mobility and the quick transportation. These can result in a decrease of the venue’s rental period and can save a lot of costs for our customers.


Stage types


Wedding Crasher

small 4,0m x 4,0m - for smaller appearances, smaller wedding bands, speeches, political representations


Mr. General

medium 6,0m x 6,0m - the ultimate choice, if you don’t know what to choose


The Giant Rider

large 8,0m x 6,0m - for bigger audience, for concerts, festivals or any type of larger events

Technical data

technical data Wedding Crasher Mr. GeneralThe Giant Rider
stage dimensions4,0m x 4,0m x 4,3m6,0m x 6,0m x 4,3m8,0m x 6,0m x 4,3m
trailer dimensions
5,6m x 2,5m x 3,0m7,6m x 2,5m x 3,0m9,6m x 2,5m x 3,0m
lifting the roof   hydraulic-electrichydraulic-electrichydraulic-electric
net weight
1100 kg 
1600 kg 
2850 kg
total weight
1500 kg 
2000 kg 
3500 kg
stage area
16 m2 36 m2 48 m2
height of stage floor
floor type
slip proof, waterproofslip proof, waterproofslip proof, waterproof
roof wings capacity300 kg300 kg300 kg
floor capacity 
500 kg/m2500 kg/m2500 kg/m2
pillars load capacity50 kg50 kg50 kg
max wind speed70 km/h70 km/h70 km/h
max snow cover
8 cm8 cm8 cm
coverflame resistant "B" flame resistant "B" flame resistant "B" 
Type A 203 "B1" Type A 203 "B1"Type A 203 "B1"
installation time10 min - 2 people10 min - 2 people10 min - 2 people


The stage can be used as a regular trailer when closed.


Installation and Capacity

Installation can be done within minutes, thanks to the electric engine built in.


power needs / power supply

- minimal need: 1 x 16A
- ideal power input: 3 x 16A, 230V
- can be operated via power generator


additional effects (on demand)

 - sound: high quality / concert quality audio
- lighting: DMX LED lights
- microphones: wired or wireless
- DJ deck
- fog machine



address: Budapest, Hungary
telephone: +36 20 238 68 58

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